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1 Bottle (90)
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ZymeRite - Systemic enzyme formula suitable for vegetarians

Nuique Vegetarian ZYMERITEVegetarian Society Approved

An easy way to describe the working of Enzymes are as ‘cleaners’ in the body.  

Enzymes are essential to nearly all the body processes. They play an integral role in the digestion of food; break down toxic substances to facilitate their elimination from the body; support the building of new cells and tissues, and direct the conversion of stored fat and glycogen into valuable energy.

To visually demonstrate enzymatic action - by placing a freshly picked piece of fruit on a surface and leaving it there, within a few days the fruit will start to rot. This is the result of naturally occurring enzymes within the fruit, digesting the pulp to release the seed inside.

Supplemented enzymes can be taken with meals to increase the body’s production of them. Some examples are digestive enzymes such as Protease which directs the digestion of protein, Amylase for carbohydrate digestion, and Lipase for the digestion of fat. Proteolytic Enzymes also digest protein, and some examples of these enzymes are Serrapeptase, Bromelain and Papain.

Are there any side effects from taking nuIQue ZYMERITE? 

We currently have no documented evidence of any adverse side effects. The only caution is to any haemophiliacs, or users of prescribed blood thinning medications, where the recommendation is to speak with your GP before supplementing with enzymes.

Ingredients nuIQue Zymerite: (per capsule amount)

NOTE: The capsules are NOT coated with any other substance and are therefore, broken down easily.