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algae derived omega 3  EPA & DHA easy to take - no after-taste - no toxins - ecologically sustainable   vegan

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Shocking Report – Why You Should NOT Buy Krill Oil

What Everyone Should Know About
Omega-3 from Krill
As most of you are already aware, there are 3 main sources of Omega-3 (DHA / EPA) Fatty Acids:

Fish Oil
Krill Oil
Algae Oil

Most people also… Continue Reading…

100,000 Deaths a Year Linked to Omega-3 Deficiency

Could a Deficiency in Omega-3 be the
Leading Cause of Disease?
These deaths are fully preventable by simply adding quality Omega 3 to your diet. So, whether it’s for yourself, partner, parents,… Continue Reading…

Why Choose Omega-3 from Algae?

Why Wouldn’t You, when it ticks all of these boxes:
Plus it is – Planet-Friendly and Fish-Friendly!

NuIQue is pure, pharmaceutical grade Omega-3 from algae, guaranteeing you almost 700mg pure DHA/EPA per… Continue Reading…

NuIQue is Now EVEN Better -

More Potent and Better Value!
We wanted to assure you of maximum potency and optimum efficacy, so we have added 40% MORE Pure, Vegetarian Omega-3 to Each Capsule – at no… Continue Reading…

How to Make Sure You’re Getting What you Pay For!

Shocking Research Shows that MOST Omega-3 FISH-Oil Supplements
Are NOT What They Say They Are
The headlines in a recent article on ABC Australia’s website stated that:
“Research Finds MOST Fish Oil Supplements Ineffective.”
It then goes… Continue Reading…