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algae derived omega 3  EPA & DHA easy to take - no after-taste - no toxins - ecologically sustainable   vegan

Shocking Report – Why You Should NOT Buy Krill Oil

What Everyone Should Know About
Omega-3 from Krill
As most of you are already aware, there are 3 main sources of Omega-3 (DHA / EPA) Fatty Acids:

Fish Oil
Krill Oil
Algae Oil

Most people also… Continue Reading…

100,000 Deaths a Year Linked to Omega-3 Deficiency

Could a Deficiency in Omega-3 be the
Leading Cause of Disease?
These deaths are fully preventable by simply adding quality Omega 3 to your diet. So, whether it’s for yourself, partner, parents,… Continue Reading…

Why Choose Omega-3 from Algae?

Why Wouldn’t You, when it ticks all of these boxes:
Plus it is – Planet-Friendly and Fish-Friendly!

NuIQue is pure, pharmaceutical grade Omega-3 from algae, guaranteeing you almost 700mg pure DHA/EPA per… Continue Reading…

NuIQue is Now EVEN Better -

More Potent and Better Value!
We wanted to assure you of maximum potency and optimum efficacy, so we have added 40% MORE Pure, Vegetarian Omega-3 to Each Capsule – at no… Continue Reading…

How to Make Sure You’re Getting What you Pay For!

Shocking Research Shows that MOST Omega-3 FISH-Oil Supplements
Are NOT What They Say They Are
The headlines in a recent article on ABC Australia’s website stated that:
“Research Finds MOST Fish Oil Supplements Ineffective.”
It then goes… Continue Reading…

Omega-3: A Must for Smokers?

Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) is the 3rd leading cause of death in the U.S., and in the UK alone, it accounts for over 25,000 deaths every year. It is estimated that… Continue Reading…