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10 reasons why Vegetarian Omega 3 DHA beats Cod Liver Oil

The high street health food stores are still plugging away at selling you Cod Liver Oil. But why not? Isn’t Cod Liver Oil good for you? Don’t the dietitians tell you is a great source of Omega-3

Cod Liver Oil - Obsolete?

It may have been the best available thing for your grandmother when she was a little girl, but humans have been using the world’s oceans as an industrial toxic sewage system for the last 50 years.

The British Dietitians Association (BDA) admit Cod Liver Oil has it’s drawbacks, but claim that the research suggests that the advantages of the little bit of Omega-3 DHA in Cod Liver Oil outweigh the toxic disadvantages.

Well that would be true if there weren’t good value for money, superior alternative, long chain fatty acids, but there are!


Vegetarian Omega-3 DHA from sustainably farmed long chain essential fatty acids from Algae

10 reasons why not to buy Cod Liver Oil

  1. Vegetarian / vegan Omega-3 DHA Algae oil now comes in doses of 400mg
  2. Omega-3 vegetarian / vegan DHA Algae is now about ?10 a month for a 400mg daily dose
  3. Vegan / vegetarian Omega-3 DHA Algae is sustainably farmed (not pillaged from the sea) with a neutral effect on the environment
  4. Vegetarian and?Vegan Approved Omega-3 DHA Algae is not 70% saturated and monounsaturated fat (we don’t need more of these fats)
  5. DHA rich vegetarian / vegan Omega-3 Algae avoids the risk of contamination with mercury, PCB’s and fire retardents
  6. Vegetarian / vegan Omega-3 DHA Algae comes in a plant based vegetable vegan capsule
  7. Omega-3 DHA from vegetarian / vegan algae is safe for those with fish allergies
  8. Vegetarian / vegan Omega-3 DHA Algae has 400mg of pre-converted long chain DHA unlike Omega-3 in flax oil
  9. Algae is not?made from boiled up fish livers,?the liver is like a filter in a car, collecting contaminants to protect the vehicle from harm
  10. Algae is not fished. As with most fishing there is inevitable bycatch, a waste of resources, destruction in the ocean. See Sea First Foundation


10 Reasons why Cod Liver Oil is Not the best source of Omega-3 DHA

Cod Liver Oil from fish

Omega 3 Cod Liver Oil From Fish ?

  1. High street Cod Liver Oil is mainly saturated fat (21%) and monunsaturated fat (47%). We don’t need more of these fats, we can make them.
  2. Cod Liver oil is only about 22% essential Omega-3 fats (these are the fats we need, we can’t make them)
  3. Standard Cod Liver Oil is made from boiled up cod fish liver, the most toxic part of the fish.
  4. Supplements of Cod Liver Oil have been withdrawn from sale in the past (Seven Seas, Boots) after having been found to contain illegal levels of mercury and dioxins
  5. Fishy Cod Liver Oil is made from fish, Fish have to be caught in the sea, when industrial fishermen do that it causes devastation in the ocean.
  6. Fish is an unsustainable source of DHA, there are not enough fish in the sea to sustain fishing at it’s present levels
  7. The fishing industry survives through massive government subsidy, the true cost of Cod Liver Oil without subsidies would make it more expensive than algae.
  8. Cod Liver Oil tastes disgusting, as you’d expect, it’s made from boiled up fish livers
  9. Allergies: Because Cod Liver Oil is from fish, it’s thus unsuitable for those who are allergic to fish
  10. Vegetarian: Cod Liver Oil is made from fish, thus unsuitable for vegetarians and vegans


You need Omega-3 DHA for optimumn brain health – I guess there’s a risk that if you were seriously depleted in Omega-3 DHA you may struggle with the logic of why algae DHA is clearly a better solution than Omega-3 from cod liver oil.



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