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Shocking Report – Why You Should NOT Buy Krill Oil

What Everyone Should Know About
Omega-3 from Krill

As most of you are already aware, there are 3 main sources of Omega-3 (DHA / EPA) Fatty Acids:

  • Fish Oil
  • Krill Oil
  • Algae Oil

Most people also know about the over-fishing and so many people are looking for alternatives.

But there is also evidence that fish oils have become such a high volume commodity that they are no longer meeting industry standards (see our blog from Feb 23rd called “How to Make Sure You’re Getting What you Pay For!“).

Plus they are a possible source of contamination and mercury and leave many of us with a rather unpleasant after-taste or worse, burping “fish breath” for the next few hours.

Why Krill Oil is NOT a Viable Option

With growing awareness of the implications of over-fishing, Krill has become the next popularly touted alternative.

Krill are tiny crustaceans – the 2nd link on the marine food chain – feeding all the larger fish, which eventually end up in capsules as Omega-3 supplements.

The popularity of krill oil is part of a massive consumer campaign by some of the largest industries in the world and the retail outlets that support them, along with some of the largest celebrity doctors on the internet.  Most with a ‘kick-back’, I’m quite sure (wry smile!).

But did you know that Krill provides over 96% of the caloric needs of sea birds and marine mammals. 

They are the FIRST STOP in the ocean’s food chain after algae – providing food for birds, seals and penguins – all the way up to the giant whales of the sea.

Or – that the human nutrition krill market is growing more than 40% per year.  To make the most of this massive “cash cow”, big business is literally vacuuming up the ocean floors to satisfy their demand for these creatures.

Shocking Report on the Consequences of Krill Fishing on our OceansVacuuming for Krill – REALLY?

This report (click here) came across my desk this morning and I could not wait to make it available to the public. It is one of the most shocking insights into the world of Omega-3 from Krill I have ever seen.  It is also one that calls for immediate and significant action – ON ALL OUR PARTS.

Even the most basic common sense says that this cannot be sustained.  What we will do as a species to “maximise our dollar” is beyond reason.

When will we take this seriously?
When will YOU take this seriously?

Please – let us ALL play our part.  Let us ALL take responsibility.  There ARE alternatives which not only provide EXACTLY the same health benefits, and which also tick multiple other boxes as well – but most importantly, have ZERO effect on the environment.

WHY would you NOT choose algae oil over anything else when it is:

  • … suitable for everyone – including vegetarians and vegans
  • … the original “link” of the food chain – the raw ingredients that krill and fish both feed on
  • … sustainably farmed without any impact on the complex and delicately balanced ecosystem of the oceans
  • … pure and free from any toxins or mercury

For a more comprehensive list, check out our blog post “Why Algae Ticks all the Boxes”


Please download a copy of this terrifying report here – and disseminate it to everyone you know.


Let’s save the krill > fish > animals > oceans > planet.  It’s so easy and you give up NOTHING in doing so.

Once you’ve read this article, please let me know your thoughts.  It certainly got me up and typing in a frenzy this morning!  Am heading off to Holland and Barrett now to see what they have to say about it all.

When will you care enough to make a change in your own life?  but like the krill themselves, in volume, we can change the world.

You may feel like only one small speck that can have no impact, but that’s not true.  YOU make a difference too.  Choosing to NOT buy just one bottle of krill oil CAN change the world because if every ONE of you did that, 2 things would happen –

  • The DEMAND for Krill would DROP and industry would have to adapt
  •  The provision of other, sustainable alternatives would be FORCED to increase

And anyway, when there is a healthy, effective and sustainable alternative, WHY WOULD ANYONE CONTINUE TO rape the planet?  There is NO valid reason that I can see… there is NOTHING to be gained; it’s not even cheaper. (If you know of one, please feel free to comment here as we just cannot think of a single reason).

Like a tiny drop of dye infusing a glass of water, why not – in the words of Mahatma Gandhi –
“BE the change that you wish to see in the world.”


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