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Bonny Burn’s Night With Omega 3 Rich Haggis

Vegetarian Haggis - Piper

Pipe in your Vegetarian Haggis

If you fancy joining in the Robert Burn’s Day celebrations with a Burn’s night supper, but would rather not partake of the saturated animal fat drenched bag of sheep’s offal, guts and reproductive precious bits, which is Haggis Pudding then read on.

We have found a vegetarian haggis recipe that has walnuts and red kidney beans rather than scrapie brains and real kidneys.

Walnuts are not as reliable a source of vegetarian Omega-3 as Nuique Omega-3 DHA rich algae, as walnuts have only ALA, not EPA and DHA, but every little bit helps and it’s more useful to your body than saturated animal fat.

Here’s the recipe for the walnut, oat and kidney bean Scottish Haggis Pudding Recipe (‘great chieftain o the puddin race’).

And here’s some ideas for the perfect Burn’s Night supper.

Of course you could just let someone else do all the work and eat out.

Try this list of Scottish Restaurants and Hotels for a Plantarian Haggis supper.