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Are You Getting Enough Omega 3 EPA & DHA from Nuts & Seeds?

A Vegan / Vegetarian diet is a conscious diet. One that celebrates healthy food and sustainability.

This blog is written in response to many posts written on Vegan & Vegetarian Groups regarding some foods. Whilst being described as vegan, and therefore appealing, they not have much, if any nutritional content.

Rather, processed ingredients and chemicals which do not include meat by-products. Unfortunately, whilst these products can technically be advertised as vegan, they will not necessarily nutritionally support a healthy diet.

A big observation with a vegan/ vegetarian lifestyle is that one of the most ESSENTIAL ingredients we all MUST have for good health is Omega 3, and it is just not being met!

This is because the misnomer is that there is enough Omega 3 in nuts, seeds and a plant-based diet. However, for all the nuts and seeds such as Chia and Flax which do contain omega 3 – they conversely do NOT have enough absorb-able EPA & DHA required for optimum health.

Hence (UK) government guidelines suggest eating 3 portions of oily fish a week in order to receive the required amounts of EPA & DHA to reduce the risk of disease.

EFSA, (European Food Standards Agency) have officially stated that Omega 3 reduces the risk of Heart Disease. Here is a link to their statement on the health benefits of taking Omega 3, EPA & DHA. https://www.efsa.europa.eu/en/press/news/120727

As a vegan, the concept of harming and eating fish is abhorrent to consider. But there are algae alternatives that do carry the required amounts of EPA & DHA. After all, the fish derive it from algae!

nuIQue was one of the first producers of Algae Derived Vegan Omega 3. The Algal Oil is contained in a gold standard vegetarian capsule, and contains enough levels of pure, concentrate EPA and DHA to support you in your good health. http://www.nuique.com/omega3/

So, for any vegan/ vegetarian folk who are sensing or noticing that their health is not tip top – please at least try adding this essential nutrient Omega 3 into your diet – vegan style with an Algae Oil.

[email protected]

nuIQue Vegan Algae Omega 3

For your daily intake of Omega 3 EPA & DHA


What would it take for you to give up eating meat and fish?

The World is Waiting

It’s only rock and roll but it does seem we are careering towards “lights out” with no credible plan.

Paul McCartney Celebrity Cookbook

Paul McCartney celebrity Cookbook

Paul McCartney celebrity Cookbook

Mega Plantarian celebrity Paul McCartney and his family have launched a new fish-free cook book to raise money for The Meat-Free Monday Campaign.

In addition to recipes from the McCartney family recipe collection, Paul, Stella and Mary McCartney have also recruited some of the McCartney family celebrity friends to contribute their favourite recipes too.

Campaigners at The One World Day campaigns team are delighted at the timing.

The Daily Telegraph newspaper was suggesting that the McCartney cookbook would go head to head with Jamie Oliver for the no 1 cookbook / recipe book slot in the Amazon top 10 bestseller list this Christmas.

Considering that most things that the famous Beatle touches turn to gold it won’t be much of a surprise if this latest McCartney venture does knock a few celebrity chefs off their neanderthal anti-vegetarian perches.

More and more people people are realising for both health and the sake of our fragile environment more plantarian meals in our diets are the only logical solution.

Irony of New Zealand’s Eco-disaster

The massive oil spill in New Zealand seems to have dropped out of the news.

There’s a certain amount of irony that both commercial fishing and private and tourist’s fishing trips have had to be cancelled.

The government’s Maritime New Zealand agency, which is overseeing efforts to salvage the stricken vessel, told the Waiahu Bay Fishing Club to call off the highlight of its year.

Read complete article at Daily News – Oil spill mars NZ Labour Day holiday

Is French Government In Need of Nuique Omega 3 EPA & DHA?

Report by EVU – Vegetarianism / Veganism now illegal in France!

France’s? Nicolas Sarkozy – Nul Points

It seems that the President of the Republic of France, Nicolas Sarkozy and his government are in desperately in need of brain protecting EPA DHA Omega-3 V Pure essential fats.

When most reputable world health organisations and cancer research agencies are calling for more plant foods in our diets and less saturated animal fat the French government are doing the opposite.

French officials have legislated that meals in France must contain meat, fish and other saturated fat rich ingredients.

The European Vegetarian Union reveal:

Following a law voted last year by the French Parliament(1), similar decrees will be taken shortly regarding almost all forms of catering from kindergarten to hospital, prisons and retirement homes. Vegetarianism will then have effectively been banned for a large part of the population.

A governmental order issued on October 2, 2011(2) has determined that all meals served in school canteens in France must contain animal products, and that meat and fish will be served at a certain minimum frequency. This implies that by law from now on no vegetarian can eat at any public or private school in France.

The European Vegetarian Union EVU say:

The Charter of Fundamental Rights of the European Union, which is binding on member states including France, holds that: Everyone has the right to freedom of thought, conscience and religion. This right includes freedom to change religion or belief and freedom, either alone or in community with others and in public or in private, to manifest religion or belief, in worship, teaching, practice and observance.(4)

The public debate regarding animal rights and the moral status of animals is active in France as in many other countries. Citizens are entitled to choose freely where they stand on these issues, and those who believe that they cannot, in conscience, accept to eat animals must not be discriminated against.

A government cannot settle a philosophical, ethical and political debate by restricting the rights of those who disagree with its own positions. For years, the official policy of the French government has been openly hostile to vegetarianism.(5) The French agriculture minister, Bruno Lemaire, declared in January 2010 that the government’s aim in determining its public nutritional policy was to defend the French agricultural model and specifically to counter initiatives such as those of Paul McCartney calling for a reduced consumption of meat.(6)

1. “Law for the modernization of agriculture and fisheries”, published on July 27, 2010.
2. D?cret n? 2011-1227 du 30 septembre 2011; arr?t? du 30 septembre 2011.
3. Position statement of the American Dietetic Association
4. Charter of Fundamental Rights of the European Union, article 10.1
5.An example is the site mangerbouger.fr, where the only nutritional advice given to a teenager contemplating becoming a vegan is “By all means, do not follow that diet!” (www.mangerbouger.fr/pro/IMG/pdf/guide_adolescents-2.pdf, page 11).
6. http://tinyurl.com/FlashLeFigaro

Perhaps now the public will take Veggie Pride a little more seriously as it seems French vegetarians and vegans really are an oppressed and persecuted minority in France.