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algae derived omega 3  EPA & DHA easy to take - no after-taste - no toxins - ecologically sustainable   vegan

Are You Getting Enough Omega 3 EPA & DHA from Nuts & Seeds?

A Vegan / Vegetarian diet is a conscious diet. One that celebrates healthy food and sustainability.

This blog is written in response to many posts written on Vegan & Vegetarian Groups regarding some foods. Whilst being… Continue Reading…

Omega-3 Fatty Acids: An Essential Contribution – Harvard, School of Public Health

It is always exciting to find a well written report or study regarding the very thing that you’re passionate about, particularly when you sell that very thing!

nuIQue offers Vegan… Continue Reading…

Trouble Sleeping? Omega-3 to the Rescue!

Do You Typically Get Less Than 6 Hours Sleep a Night?
If so, You are One of the Millions Whose
Health is At Risk Due to Lack of Sleep

Did you know that… Continue Reading…

Protected: Blood Pressure

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Take Care of Your Heart Health with Pure Omega-3

Heart Disease is the #1 Killer of
Men AND Women Over the Age of 50

25% of You will Die from Cardiovascular Disease –
That’s 1 in every 4 people you know!
Think… Continue Reading…

Which Matters Most to You – Your Health or Your Appearance?

Terrifying New Research Shows that
the Average Briton Cares More about
their Looks than their Health!
How can this be true when heart disease is the #1 killer of both men AND women over… Continue Reading…