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Nuique Vegetarian Omega 3 EPA & DHA Nuique Vegetarian Omega 3 EPA & DHA Nuique Vegetarian Omega 3 EPA & DHA High Purity Algae Omega 3 Capsules for Mums and Babies VitaShine Super Strength Vegetarian Vitamin D3

nuIQue High Purity Vegan Omega 3

A Vegetarian and Vegan Certified Algae Derived Omega 3 Supplement with High Concentrates of EPA & DHA

As a vegan or vegetarian, you clearly want the best for yourself, your family and the environment!

It has become more readily understood that our bodies require Omega 3 Essential Fatty Acids EPA & DHA to function normally, upholding good health.

Did you realise that Omega 3 from plant sources such as Flax, Hemp and Chia Seeds etc., are not easily metabolised into EPA and DHA by the digestive system?

To thoroughly support good health, a daily intake of DHA and EPA from the right source is essential.

nuIQue Pure Vegan Omega 3 Algae Oil Contains High Levels of Absorbable DHA & EPA.

Given the importance of Omega 3 for optimal health, eating the recommended daily allowance of two portions of oily fish is not an option for some.

nuIQue only harvest Vegan Omega 3 Oil from it's pure source... the ALGAE. There's nothing fishy in our Vegan Omega 3!

The Algae we use is is grown naturally in a pharaceutically graded environment in pure, filtered water, ensuring that our Vegan Omega 3 Oil is unpolluted free from ocean-borne toxins, impurities and heavy metals such as mercury, where no fish removed from the sea or harmed. Thus making it safe, clean and ecologically sustainable.


nuIQue Vegan Omega 3 is naturally rich in EPA and DHA, and can be taken by the Whole Family - including Expectant & Breastfeeding Mums, Babies, Infants & Young children, through to Elderly. (Some of us even give it to our cats and dogs!)

nuIQue Vegan Algae Derived Omega 3 - It's Clean & Green!


These important Long Chain Omega 3 PUFA's (Polyunsaturated Fatty Acids) are ONLY present in oily fish and algae. The algae being the actual source of these Essential Fatty Acids.

Called 'essential'  because it turns out, we need them for good health - as backed by science endorsed by legislation through the The European Commission and the European Food Safety Authority.

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We hope you enjoy our products as much as we do.  

Try Today - Risk Free, 100% Money Back Guarantee. 

Any queries please call on 01489 899515.

Wishing You The Best of Health, 

Team nuIQue